GBC Discovery Recovery has 3 Sunday School classes that focus on recovery from a Christian perspective and how God can help us have victory in any situation or struggle of life. All three classes meet in the Discovery Recovery area in rooms 230 – 232 and all start at 9:30 on Sunday morning.



Recovery Class I - First-Timers Class      

This class gives an introduction to the gospel message; presented in a simple and straightforward manner. 

(Rooms 230-232, Led by Tim and Pam Carr)


Recovery Class II – Two 12 Week Sessions (Assurances of God / Christian 12 Steps)

This class consists of two 12 week sessions. The first 12 weeks is on the ‘Assurances of God and Christian Disciplines’ and the second 12 weeks is on ‘Foundations and the Christian Based 12 Steps of Recovery’.

(Led by James Severson and Jerry Rogers)


Recovery Class III – Growing in Christian Maturity

  This is a continuing study on various topics of growing in Christian maturity. 

       Our current study is in the book of Romans.

(Led by Tim Lease and Greg Schmalhofer and Gene Guest)