Van Pickup – Calling Instructions



We now have a new central phone number for individuals of Discovery Recovery to call to request a ride for either Thursday night or Sunday morning. This new central number will automatically forward all voice calls to the person who will be driving the van for that day. 


To give the driver ample time to plan the driving route and to ensure you are picked up in a timely fashion it is important to follow the brief guidelines below. 


  • Call the new phone number:     717-435-4144.
  • For a ride on Thursday:        Call before Thursday at 4:00pm.
  • For a ride on Sunday:         Call before Saturday at 9:00pm.
  • Please note:  Only voice calls are automatically forwarded from this new number to the phone of the driver. Text messages are not automatically forwarded, so you need to make a voice call initially to request the ride. 

Also, this new phone number does not apply to White Deer Run or the Gate House.