Vacation Bible School 2019


July 15-19 - 9am-12pm

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vacation Bible School

1.  What are your Child Check-in/Check-out Procedures?

Upon arriving at the church, each child will be electronically checked in by our Child Check-in staff.  Each child will receive a printed nametag label which they will take in to the sanctuary to show their Group Leader and then attach to the back of their paper nametag (not the plastic nametag holder).  At the time of check-in, each child will also receive a printed label with a 3 digit code on it, which corresponds to the 3 digit code on their nametag.  This label is to be taken by the parent (or person dropping the child off).  When it is time to pick up your child at the end of each day of VBS, you MUST have this 3 digit code in order to pick up your child.  If a different person is picking your child up than dropped them off, please make sure this person has the 3 digit code.  It is not necessary to have the code on the original label, but you MUST have the code.  If you do not have the code, we are unable to release any children to you.

2.  What are the times for VBS?

VBS begins each day at 9:00am and ends at 12:00 noon.  Feel free to arrive a little early each day so that your children have a chance to get checked in and seated with their Group in the church sanctuary before the opening assembly begins.  If parents arrive early to pick up their children at the end of VBS, they are welcome to sit in the back of the sanctuary for the closing assembly.

3.  What if my child has to arrive late or leave early?

Neither situation is a problem.  If your child arrives late, please bring them to the church foyer where we will have staff to check your child in and walk them to the correct station so they can join their group.

      If your child needs to leave early, just bring your Check-in code with you to the Registration table in the church foyer, and we will find your child and bring them to you.  We appreciate you not walking throughout the church, trying to find your child on your own.

4.  Is it necessary to pre-register for VBS? 

While it is not necessary to pre-register, it is very helpful to do so.  It allows the VBS staff to properly group the children and will save you a lot of time on Monday morning, the 1st day of VBS.  If your children are pre-registered, they enter through the Pre-Registered doors and breeze through the Check-in process.  Also, pre-registration makes it more likely that any special friend requests will be honored. 

If your child is not Pre-Registered, you must complete the online registration process the 1st morning of VBS.

5.  How long will online registration be available?

Online registration will be available until Thursday, July 11th at midnight.  At that time it will be closed and remain closed until Monday morning, July 15 at VBS.

6.  How should my child dress for VBS?

Your child should be dressed in comfortable clothing and shoes.  The children will be outside for games and snacks, and inside for their other activities.  Fancy/dressy clothing is not needed and may get dirty or messy in games or crafts.

7.  Will there be snacks provided during VBS?

Yes, each day the children will be receiving a snack that ties in to the theme for that day.

If your child has ANY food allergies or sensitivities, you can request a list of the snacks for each day. If a snack is not appropriate for your child, you may send another item to be served to your child during snack time.  Due to the large number of children, we cannot provide an alternative for every food concern. Please clearly communicate any allergy or concern on the registration form entry.

8.  Will my child be going outside during VBS?

Yes, your child will be outside for one of their rotations – Games/Snacks.

9.  Will my child get wet during VBS?

There may be water involved during Game Time.  The children may have a chance to 'cool off and get spritzed' every day, but not soaked.  

10.  Do all leaders in VBS have their clearances?

Yes, all leaders in VBS have passed all their necessary clearances.


11.  How is it determined what group my child will be in?

We organize children into groups so the lesson, craft, and game are age appropriate.  Children are grouped according to the grade they just completed this past school year.  We have 5 different groups and each group is named for an element on the Periodic table – Pre-K (5/6 years old but not finished Kindergarten), Kindergarten, 1st/2nd,  3rd/4th, 5th/6th.  Within each age group, there are subgroups of 5-7 children led by an adult or teen leader.

12.  I have children of different ages, can they be put in the same group? 

If your children are in the same age group (see question #11), then they can be in the same group.  If your children are in different age groups, we like to have them try their own age group at first.  If this doesn’t work, we will probably put both children in the younger child’s age group.

13.  If my child is coming with a friend, can they be in the same group?

If your child and his/her friend are in the same age group (see question #11), then they can be in the same group.  Please indicate this in the comments section of the registration form.  If the children are in different age groups, we like to have them try their own age group at first.  If this doesn’t work, we will probably put both children in the younger child’s age group. 

14.  Is there childcare for my younger children?

Only children age 5 by September 1, 2019 are able to attend VBS.  We do not provide childcare for any children younger than this age.

**  For those leaders serving in VBS with younger children, please talk to the directors about childcare.

15.  What will my child be doing during VBS? 

     All the children will begin the morning in the sanctuary for the Opening assembly, then rotate among 3 stations (Bible lesson, Games/Snacks, and Crafts), then end the morning back in the sanctuary for the Closing assembly.

16.  Should my child bring anything along to VBS each day?

     No, your child does not need to bring anything to VBS each day.

17.  Will you take children younger than 5 years old by September 1, 2019 into the program, if they have completed Kindergarten or Preschool?

We are sorry, but we cannot take children under age 5 by September 1, 2019 in the VBS program. After much consideration we have decided the structure of our program is best for children of this age and older. We look forward to having your younger child next year!

18.  Is there a closing program for VBS?

On Sunday, July 21 (the Sunday immediately following the last day of VBS) all children will have the opportunity to sing our VBS theme song on stage during our morning worship service.  This will be a family-friendly service, and all VBS families are invited to attend.  Sunday school for all ages begins at 9:30am, followed by the worship service at 10:45am.